Hello, I am Dr Judith Nicogossian, Anthropobiologist, Business Anthropologist, Keynote Speaker, Philosopher, Chronicler working at different levels on the “HYBRID BODY“, in order to examine what is at stake with the several impacts of techniques and technologies on the human body, from its reconstruction to its augmentation, including both its biological side and its cultural one.

“Innovations” are presented as “innevolution” within an evolutionary process. However up to what point humanity is really inventing, innovating, evolving ?

It raises a bunch of questions:

What is at stake in this blog is to approach an epistemology of the human body, its practices and values, its signs and mythologies. Its discourse(s) of truth. This work on the living human body is not only medical, but archeological and ecological. It takes place in two plans, the visible and the discursive ones, and at two levels, the real (sciences) and imaginary (art) ones.

To what extend is becoming the human body a (bio-)cultural construction? Are the TECHNIQUES OF THE BODY possibly depending on technologies? What the limits are?What is the ideology of Progress? How to EVOLVE with (new) technologies? What is BIOPOWER ?  What impact technologies have on our bodies and on our societies? What are the incentives and obstacles of the ACCULTURATION processes? What the future holds within the new DIGITAL era? The BIG DATA? Are we PHYGITAL? Are we getting in a DATACRACY ? What to think of AI? (and more disturbing what AI thinks of us?)

This blog is offering few sections:

ECONOMICAL : Innovation, Military, Medical, Legal, (Bio)Ethics

POLITICAL : Health system; Power & Counter-power; Cyber-security; Bio-hacking; Gender studies; Transhumanism; identity; Able/ disable, capacity and capacitation

ANTHROPOBIOLOGICAL  (& adaptability) Evolutionary medicine, Epigenetics – (Neuro)Plasticity – Functional vicariance, and Bio-diversity

COMMUNICATION: body langage and non-verbal communication; black boxes

This blog aims at making interdisciplinary connections between anthropology, medicine, business, ethnography, history, philosophy, art, law  to raise bio-ethical issues and build a critical discourse of the “new version” of the human body in our Western Societies, the human body in becoming between the human and the inhuman, the living and the machine. The hybrid body belongs to the TECHNO-IMAGINARY of our time with a great visual ethnographic interest; its representations and counter-imaginaries, all other representations, are grasping our imaginations between fear and desire. Thenceforth I am using videos and images possibly connected to this topic and suggestions are also welcome.

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METHODOLOGY: My qualitative and quantitative research is grounded in leading empirical queries – collecting thoughts, standpoints, views, and imaginaries one’s may have on hybridity both from specialists in their respective fields, inventors, and non-specialists – through (un)structured face to face interviews, focus groups and “full immersion observation”.

Following ethnology, anthropology and sociology knowledge I am notably implementing new methodologies in SHS (Science and Human Sciences) to lead qualitative research with patients for Health Industries.

What can ethnological approaches bring to 2020 Health Industries ?

Last and not least, I am working in digital health with illustrators and (short) film directors exploring topics around hybridity, telemedicine, connected objects, robots and androids, artifical intelligence, virtual reality, doctor-patient relationship, non-verbal communication and body language, etc.