As a researcher in Anthropology in health I also passed the degree in Therapeutic Hypnosis and Experimental Research (2015).

I belong as a teacher to the hypnosis medical degree _ DU hypnose thérapeutique directed by the Profs J.-P. BOYER (Psychiatrist) et J.-P. ALIBEU (Anaesthesist and Director of the Pain Management Centre at the University Hospital of LaTronche).

I am notably interested in Visual Anthropology, in video-recording therapeutic hypnosis treatements in Health. Although the making of the movies is under process _ still collecting and sorting out the data _, there are available excerpts of the videos below, dedicated to Research and Teaching. For discussing about more complete versions of the data, contact me.


• the first movie is a documentary dedicated to Therapeutic hypnosis looking at different aspects of its use in Health (from the private practitioner to the emergency ward at hospitals) and how the contemporary medical practices are being challenged through the use of hypnosis. Several practitioners have been interviewed, using hypnosis, tenceforth finding themselves at the cutting-edge of their medical practices; they are providing the listener with helpful standpoints, themselves illustrated with accurate examples: what can be expected from hypnosis, the techniques, and more generally how to ameliorate and/or enhance the medical practices through its complementary use in Health.

• the second movie is on The Semiotics of the hand in hypnosis. It is about the non-verbal communication and langage body, raised by the signs and symbols of the hand, what they mean, how they are used.

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