Reconstruction/ Augmentation of the HUMAN BODY



The non-reconstructed human body inscribed in early-Christianity was considered as an untouchable God’s creation, so was strictly forbidden its reconstruction. Then, the social and religious order has progressively allowed the reconstruction to the condition this latter was inscribed within the following dichotomy, between normal and pathological. Thenceforth practice of plastic surgery has developed in performing increasingly good reconstructions (connected to the progresses made in Medicine) up to start considering the plastic enhancement of the human body. How can we make a better body, to go beyond the human functions and aesthetics, in regard with the use of techniques and technologies.
This work with a left-arm amputee has underlined the visual comprehension of the lack of a limb, for amputees, and the evolution of the undertaken surgery (aesthetical and functional) from the attempts of reconstruction (prosthesis in wood) to its plastic augmentation (bionic prosthesis or brain-machine interface).

Published by BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY - The Living Body

Hello, I am Dr Judith Nicogossian, Anthropobiologist, Anthropologist in Health, Business Anthropologist, Keynote Speaker, Philosopher, Chronicler ... My main research is on The impact of technologies on the human body in Health. I am working at different levels of the "hybrid body", that is to say the examination first of what is to be a human being and second what is at stake with the impacts with the techniques and technologies on the human body. "Innovations" within an evolutionary process can be thenceforth defined as "innevolution". How to evolve with new technologies? How work processes of acculturation? What the limites are? Technologies also help us define ourselves and know what we want and what we don't want.

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