Book release: La norme du corps hybride

I am delighted to announce the release of the book (in French) La norme du corps hybride, drawn from my thesis in Cultural and Biological Anthropology (QUT, Brisbane and CNRS, France). The book is nicely illustrated by the physician Mélanie Sustersic. You will find few illustrations as attachments. The book addresses fundamental topics with regardContinue reading “Book release: La norme du corps hybride”

Comic strip n°5 _ Lilou the hybrid model

  VISUAL PROJECT With this artwork I explore the scientific researches and debates that are at stake with the hybrid body, from the military, philosophical, medical and theceforth (bio)cultural viewpoints. To use the medium of the drawings and illustrations is not just for fun: it allows the viewers (dilettante) to get the point in aContinue reading “Comic strip n°5 _ Lilou the hybrid model”

Réflexion autour du corps hybride _ Oscar Pistorius

OSCAR PISTORIUS, PARADIGME DU CORPS HYBRIDE L’homme réparé peut-il être égal au corps de l’homme normal ? Cette interrogation médico-éthique n’est pas sans rappeler les controverses des jeux Olympiques autour de l’athlète paralympique Oscar Pistorius _ coureur double amputé des jambes courant sur des prothèses en carbone surnommé « Blade runner » ou « l’hommeContinue reading “Réflexion autour du corps hybride _ Oscar Pistorius”

Human Brain Project

THE BRAIN The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a research project which aims to simulate the human brain with supercomputers to better understand how it functions. The end hopes of the HBP include being able to mimic the human brain using computers and being able to better diagnose different brain problems, as well as toContinue reading “Human Brain Project”