Exponential medicine



epidermal electronic tatoo



A brain-machine interface (BMI) is a system comprising a direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device. Designing better interfaces: skin-like electronics (Dr John Rogers, University of Illinois, 2011) [1] [2].

This is a very important step towards developing the use of brain-machine interfaces in Health. Indeed the patient in the future will have the possibility to organize a complete check-up of his own health (electrocardiogram, encephalogram, blood pressure, temperature, electro-oculogram, electro-myogram, etc.) in using his cellphone augmented with few applications and electrodes (the “techies”). Then the data will be sent directly through to Health Centers and will be recorded without requiring the traditional visit to the doctor. A conference on “exponential medicine” was held in San Diego (11.2014) to “explore and leverage the convergence of fast moving technologies in the reinvention and future of health and medicine” [3] [4, in French].

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