Artificial Intelligence

Homo Creatus

De l’Homo Sapiens à l’Intelligence artificielle: j’explore dans cet article pour le blog de la MNH les enjeux de l’homme créé … Superbement illustré par Chloe Warner! Rien que ça! 🙂

Evolution;cRAYON CONT

The road to IA – by Chloe Warner

Voir article Homo Creatus

Published by Biological Anthropology

Hello, I am Dr Judith Nicogossian, Anthropobiologist, Business Anthropologist, Keynote Speaker, Philosopher, Chronicler working at different levels on the "hybrid body", that is to say to examine what is at stake with the several impacts of techniques and technologies on the human body. "Innovations" within an evolutionary process are thenceforth defined as "innevolution". How to evolve with new technologies? How work processes of acculturation? What the limites are?

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