Therapeutic Hypnosis: an anthropological look at the signs of the body

Dr J. NICOGOSSIAN (2016-2017 video experiment)

This movie is on The signs of the body I videorecorded during hypnosis sessions. These anthropological observations show the signs and symbols of the hypnotized body, the visible physicological signs of the connection between inside and outside (like the accelerated breathing or weeping), as well as the technical moves that are suggested by the hypnotherapeutist and last but not least the unconscious body movements.

  1. Physiological rythmes of the hypnotized body
  2. The realisation of technical figures under hypnosis
  3. The unconscious movements

I have accelerated the video-recordings 150 times faster to be able to grasp the signs of the body better.


Feel free to contact me whether you would like to participate by being videorecorded, while leading a hypnosis session, to my research in showing the signs (physiological/ technical/ unsconscious) of the hypnotized body.

Dr Judith Nicogossian

Published by BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY - The Living Body

Hello, I am Dr Judith Nicogossian, Anthropobiologist, Anthropologist in Health, Business Anthropologist, Keynote Speaker, Philosopher, Chronicler ... My main research is on The impact of technologies on the human body in Health. I am working at different levels of the "hybrid body", that is to say the examination first of what is to be a human being and second what is at stake with the impacts with the techniques and technologies on the human body. "Innovations" within an evolutionary process can be thenceforth defined as "innevolution". How to evolve with new technologies? How work processes of acculturation? What the limites are? Technologies also help us define ourselves and know what we want and what we don't want.

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