Therapeutic Hypnosis: an anthropological look at the signs of the body

This movie is on The Semiotics of the body in hypnosis. It is an experiment I led videorecording hypnosis sessions. These anthropological observations about the langage body under hypnosis , show the signs and symbols of the body, the physicological signs of what happen inside but we can notice from outside.

I have accelerated the video-recordings 200 times faster to be able to notice the accelerated respiration, as well as the technical hypnosis figures that are suggested by the hypnotherapeutist and last but not least the involuntary movements from the uncounsciousness.

L’hybride: c’est quoi?

L’HYBRIDE L’hybride présente le corps biologique de l’homme, ensemble normal et handicapé, au travers de quelques organes et membres, de façon non-exhaustive, morcelée et déconstruite. Ce choix peut sembler paradoxal dans ce travail de sciences humaines, mu pourtant par la volonté critique de souligner et d’attaquer tout positivisme, et de considérer le corps humain commeContinue reading “L’hybride: c’est quoi?”

Human Brain Project

THE BRAIN The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a research project which aims to simulate the human brain with supercomputers to better understand how it functions. The end hopes of the HBP include being able to mimic the human brain using computers and being able to better diagnose different brain problems, as well as toContinue reading “Human Brain Project”