Therapeutic Hypnosis: an anthropological look at the signs of the body

This movie is on The Semiotics of the body in hypnosis. It is an experiment I led videorecording hypnosis sessions. These anthropological observations about the langage body under hypnosis , show the signs and symbols of the body, the physicological signs of what happen inside but we can notice from outside.

I have accelerated the video-recordings 200 times faster to be able to notice the accelerated respiration, as well as the technical hypnosis figures that are suggested by the hypnotherapeutist and last but not least the involuntary movements from the uncounsciousness.

Human / Inhuman


Article on the robot-androids in health, so called the sociobots. Beautifully illustrated by Claire Castagnet.

The use of robot-androids to take care of elders and young children has considerably developed, in the field of social robotics. These projects have a direct impact on the society, because they trasmform it de facto, and maybe soon the Human – like have done already so many tools and techniques since the fire mastery. If they entail today all the social actor, the uses in becoming are not predictable.
See the link The robot-android in health

Article sur Le robot-androïde en santé. Magnifiquempent illustré par l’artiste-peintre Claire Castagnet.
L’utilisation des robots androïdes auprès des personnes se développe, dans le domaine de la robotique sociale. Ces projets ont un impact direct sur la société, car ils la transforment de facto, et peut-être bientôt l’Homme – comme l’ont déjà fait beaucoup d’outils et de techniques depuis la maîtrise du feu. S’ils impliquent aujourd’hui l’ensemble des acteurs sociaux, les usages à venir sont imprévisibles.
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