Human Brain Project

THE BRAIN The Human Brain Project (HBP) is a research project which aims to simulate the human brain with supercomputers to better understand how it functions. The end hopes of the HBP include being able to mimic the human brain using computers and being able to better diagnose different brain problems, as well as toContinue reading “Human Brain Project”

Bionic man (London Museum, 01/2013)

BIONIC MAN @ LONDON SCIENCE MUSEUM. Created for a Channel 4 documentary (01/2013) to prove just how closely technology can emulate the human body, Rex – short for “robotic exoskeleton” – has been put together by the Shadow robotics company using artificial limbs and organs borrowed from the laboratories of leading scientists from as farContinue reading “Bionic man (London Museum, 01/2013)”

The SF Soccer team (2008)

  The matter in this painting was to express with a given group of individuals, eleven players on the field, lost limbs and reconstructed ones, following the range of possibilities plastic surgery practices offer: mechanical, myoelectrical, functional and/or aesthetical and bionic. The last “player” thanks to his numerous enhancements has already become a hybrid body,Continue reading “The SF Soccer team (2008)”

Reconstruction/ Augmentation of the HUMAN BODY

HISTORY OF THE HUMAN BODY: FROM RECONSTRUCTION TO AUGMENTATION The non-reconstructed human body inscribed in early-Christianity was considered as an untouchable God’s creation, so was strictly forbidden its reconstruction. Then, the social and religious order has progressively allowed the reconstruction to the condition this latter was inscribed within the following dichotomy, between normal and pathological.Continue reading “Reconstruction/ Augmentation of the HUMAN BODY”